Welcome To Three Rivers Hospice

Hospice is a special kind of caring. The purpose of hospice is to provide symptom management, pain control, and support for those persons and their families facing a terminal illness.  Hospice focuses on maintaining and improving quality of life.

We know this is a very challenging time for all family members involved.  Let Three Rivers Hospice be your support system.  It is our sincere commitment to provide you with compassion, dignity, knowledge, and information to become partners with you in caring for a loved one.

Three Rivers Cares!

"You matter because you are you,

You matter to the very last moment

Of your life,

And We will do all we can

Not only to help you die peacefully,

But to live until you die."

Dame Cecily Saunders


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 When to Ask for Help?
If you can answer "YES" to any one of these questions, then it may be time for help!

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